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Total Body Force Swimming Part 3 (Specifically for Women)
By Brett Sutton

Our recent blogs and discussions about Total Body Force (TBF) swim techniques have highlighted the need to find a stroke that we can replicate over and over, that withst...
Raf heat
Racing in the Heat
By Rafal Medak

This year the Ironman 70.3 (Sunshine Coast, Australia) and Ironman World Championships will be in hot locations.
A number of athletes train very hard t...
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Total Body Force Swimming Part 2
By Brett Sutton

TBF specifics
We DO NOT feel the water
We do not focus on trying to ‘feel’ the water, Sorry folks, but finding a feel for the wat...
6 Secrets of Mental Toughness from the Navy Seals
By Charles Chu

Brandon Webb was not about to break.

“Fuck you, Instructor Buchanan — fuck you. The only way you’re getting me out of here is in a body bag.”...
Mass start
Total Body Force Swimming Part 1
TBF Swimming
At Trisutto, Total Body Force Swimming techniques form the basis of our swim program. Our swim program in turn is the foundation of our overall Triathlon Program. TBF sw...
Brett Sutton Total Body Force Swimming Lecture
Coach Brett Sutton explains the Total Body Force method of training for triathlon.
Brett Sutton 30 30 30 Bike Time Trial
This workout is done as the second workout of a double bike workout day. It is done when the legs are tired after the morning strength bike workout, and it progressively builds in intensity.
Brett Sutton Measuring Intensity
Brett Sutton explains how we measure intensity using the Trisutto training method.
Daniela Ryf Bike Position
A short slo-motion video of Daniela Ryf riding in Kona. Notice how she rides forward in the saddle, mashing the big gears down without "pulling up" during the recovery portion of the stroke, and using the aero bars to create leverage on the pedal downstroke.